October 27, 2008

Children's Place 15% Coupon Code

Poor Addison is very sparse on her winter clothes. She has a couple pair of pants from last year that are a little snug and 1 new outfit we bought. She had no church dresses at all. Our 1 income family budget makes things a little tight. We don't have a clothing budget but just rely on birthday and Christmas gifts for our clothing. However, we had to get her some dresses for church because the mornings are too cold for summer dresses. I headed over to Children's Place online to see what I could find. Addison scored 3 new dresses and 1 blouse. Now that I am coupon shopping I also had a coupon code for 15%off. Head on over to Children's Place and do some shopping using this code T28XKMNKA8 for your 15% off. While you are there sign-up to be on their mailing list so you can receive coupons in the mail.

Check out her new wardrobe! We can't wait until they get here.

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