May 31, 2005

Radiation is OVER!

On May 18th I finished my 15th treatment of radiation therapy. I can say that radiation is not as bad as chemo but still not what I consider fun. The first part was not that bad. However, the last half caused a severe sore throat. Eating was very difficult to say the least. I lost 3.8 pounds in one week. The doctor gave me several narcotics but it never really took the pain away. It just took the edge off enough so I could at least get some type of nutrition in my body. My throat is still sore but it is on the mend. I am eating better everyday.

The "c" word

I am so sorry I have not updated in a while. I can think of a million excuses as to why but I think the real reason is I just needed a little break from that "c" word. I am still going to write about cancer since this is the reason for the blog but every now and then I just need a break.

By the way- Dennis thanks for giving me a hard time about updating!! I promise I will try to keep it more updated.

May 03, 2005

Radiation has begun...

I have now completed 4 radiation treatments which have been a breeze so far. The longest part is changing in to a gown. I am on the table for about 3 minutes and then I am done. The only side effect I have had is I get a metallic taste in my mouth as the radiation is coming out. Then it goes away as fast as it came. I will complete a total of 15 treatments.

Update on Mandy

Mandy is doing better today. She was sitting in a chair when I visited her today. She is not out of the woods yet but she is progressing. It is nothing short of a miracle. She had just started on chemo which had brought her immune system down which made it harder for her to fight the infection. Mandy is strong and she is a fighter. She also had a CT scan which showed her cancer has shrunk which is fantastic. Please, continue to pray for Mandy and her family.