January 12, 2008

We're moving!

Sorry for the lack of writing but many new things are happening right now and taking all of my time. We're moving! We are heading to Arkansas country and it is exciting. The Lord has opened some exciting doors for our family. Phil is entering another phase of ministry as Family Life Pastor and I am going to be an almost full-time Champion Family Coordinator minus subbing one day a week to pay for my extremely expensive health insurance but I will save that for another post.

I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom but after having cancer it was even more important to me. Cancer makes you come to the reality very quickly that you will not always be here and I want my daughter to know me as long as she can. I want to make strong memories with her and unfortunately my career was taking all of my time and sacrificing my family. Now even though I am still busy at least now it is Addison and Phil keeping me busy.

Phil is already in Arkansas and it has been so hard to be apart. Addison and I were down there for 10 days but had to come back for a doctor's appointment and someone has to get us all packed up. I can't wait for our family to be back together again under one roof. I have a wonderful husband and he misses his family deeply!

The doctor's appointment Addison had to go to was for her hearing aids that she began wearing after Thanksgiving. When Addison was born she failed her newborn hearing screening. So after an ABR it was determined that Addison has a hearing loss most likely caused genetically. I also have a hearing loss as well but only in one ear. Addison has a loss in both ears and although she has lots of good hearing it may affect how she hears sounds and in turn cause her speech to have problems. She may not need the hearing aids as an adult but she will need them through school. The doctors want to continue to monitor her hearing so that it does not get any worse. Also, Phil's health insurance doesn't pay for hearing aids but again I will save insurance for another post.

Addison's 1st birthday is coming up which does make moving a little tricky. I anticipate having a small family birthday here in Kentucky because most likely we will be in Arkansas on January 27th. I can't believe my little girl is 1. She is such a blessing in our life.

Addison enjoyed her 1st Christmas. She mainly enjoyed the boxes and paper and also enjoyed hamin' it up for family and friends. She is such a social butterfly and she definitely gets that from her Daddy. On Christmas day she went to the fire station to see her Grandpa and she was all smiles. This is one proud Grandpa!