February 26, 2008

Beautiful Pictures

Kari McGrath took beautiful pictures of Addison when she was 3 months old. She takes fabulous pictures! These pictures just remind me how fast my little girl is growing up. What a wonderful gift she is from the Lord.

Dear Jesus-Thank you for giving us a wonderful gift of life. Addison has been such a joy and comfort to us. Thank you for letting me enjoy her daily and staying home with her. Help us to raise her in your name teaching her about you. We love you! Amen

February 20, 2008

We are getting settled

We have been living in Arkansas almost a month now. We are slowly getting settled in our home which we love. The weather has been mostly great and warmer than what I am used to in Kentucky. The high today for South Arkansas is 61 degrees and the high today for Central Kentucky is 33 degrees. Due to this weather Addison has enjoyed swinging in her new yard.

I have been quite behind on posting and I hope to post more often now that I am home with Addison. I love staying home with her all day it has been a huge BLESSING! I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am finding out though my day is still as busy as ever but it is the good busy.

Addison has finally turned 1. We had a birthday party for her in Kentucky before we left. She was a ham. She loves being in the center of attention and she sure got it for her princess birthday party. She also celebrated her birthday at the local Mexican resteraunt but she was a little disturbed by

the large hat they were trying to put on her head. She also cried when they sang Happy birthday to her.

Addison has been a little slow in crawling in fact she never has crawled but only rolled everywhere until Sunday. On Sunday she started pulling herself on her stomach. I caught a little bit of it on my camera. She now is really doing everywhere. I was in the kitchen yesterday and she came in there after me. She is a little cutie. I can't wait until she finally decides to walk!