June 28, 2007

Life with a 5 month old

Life with a 5 month old daughter is amazing, wonderful, full of joy, and BUSY! I knew my life would completely change and it sure has. I can't imagine our family without Addison. She is a wonderful gift from God for Phil and I.

So much has happened since March. She smiles all the time, she has started laughing, rolling over, and she loves to stand. She is growing so fast it is so hard to believe.

The picture is of us at Addison's dedication at The Point Community Church. I guess I should say our dedication where we pledged to be Godly parents and raise Addison with these same Godly values. The day was even more special because it was also our 7th wedding anniversary. We are so blessed!

I will try to update my blog for all my 3 loyal readers but I can't promise because I am amazingly, busy with a 5 month old. :o)