April 29, 2005

Prayer Needed

A dear friend of mine, Mandy, who has been battling breast cancer for 3 years has suddenly developed a staph infection and is very ill in the Hospital. The next 48 hours are crucial. Please, pray for her healing and peace.

April 26, 2005

Race for the Cure, Cincinnati, Ohio  Posted by Hello

Who looks better? Posted by Hello

After the cut it felt so much better. I can't believe I waited as long as I did. Posted by Hello

My friend Vicki was gracious enough to cut my hair. Posted by Hello

Before cutting my hair I looked like something out of a science fiction movie. My husband says I looked like some creature from the Lord of the Rings. Luckily I don't watch Lord of the Rings. Posted by Hello

I held at as long as I could in cutting my hair.  Posted by Hello

Could it be one of the Beatles? Posted by Hello

April 20, 2005


Having cancer has made me want to help others with cancer. I feel like God has given me these experiences to help others who are going or will go through this.

Today I spent the day at Mandy's house who has breast cancer. She just recently got out of the hospital so she is still recuperating. She has a 3 year old. I spent the day playing with him so she could get some rest. Her mother and another friend cleaned the house. I think I had the good job. I love children!

This was something that really made me feel like I was helping. I want to do things that help others. I want to be there for people. Having cancer is a life changing experience.

April 10, 2005

Hodgkin's Profiled

Hodgkin's Disease is covered extensively in the new issue of CURE Magazine. It is a very good article that discusses initial treatment, relapse treatment, clinical trials, and life after Hodgkin's. CURE is also free to cancer patients. For more info go to CURE.

This article also highlights Pamela, a surfer from Portland, after her relapse from Hodgkin's. You can read more about Pamela in Surf Life for Women or Pamela's website. Pam has been an inspiration to me during my treatments for Hodgkin's.

April 07, 2005

Race for the Cure

Julie Jordan Posted by Hello

I am raising money for Race for the Cure in memory of a dear friend Julie Jordan who lost a courageous battle with breast cancer. Julie leaves behind a loving husband and two young children.

A group of her friends will be racing in her memory on April 23. This was an event Julie raced in and we want to continue her tradition.

Cancer touches nearly everyone in the United States. This year it was announced that cancer is the leading cause of death in Americans. Women are particularly vulnerable to breast cancer with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed.

If you would like to donate in Julie's name go to Race for a Cure. Please help us find a Cure.

April 05, 2005

Clean PET

My PET is clean again! Yippee! Praise God! To be perfectly honest I wasn't too worried about this scan because my last one was clean and I just finished chemo. It will be the other scans that I know I will worry about.

I think about relapsing quite a bit but I keep it in the back of my mind. About 15% of Hodgkin's patients do relapse. The percentage is in my favor which is encouraging. I have no control over relapsing or not. So I guess I will just get on with my life. What else can I do? I do pray about it often. God is in control and He will take care of me if I relapse or not.

I want to thank those of you who post comments, send regular e-mails, and call me often. They are uplifting and encouraging. Even though I do not have cancer anymore I still need your prayers. Some days I still get down about the whole situation and other times I am great. This isn't exactly the path I had anticipated on taking. My plans were to be a mom. Those plans are on hold for now. For now keep prayin' and a postin' cause they do help. Thank you!

April 01, 2005

My last treatment with my nurse Mindy. She has been my nurse for most of my treatments. Mindy's husband also had Hodgkin's. She has been wonderful! Posted by Hello


Chemo is done! Chemo is done! Chemo is done! Chemo is done! Chemo is done! Chemo is done! Praise God!

This past Monday I finally finished chemo. I am looking forward to not going to chemo on Mondays. What will I do with my time? Go for a walk, read, scrapbook, clean, visit friends, watch TV, etc. As you can tell I am bit excited!

On Thursday, I had another PET/CT scan. I will not know the results of the scan until Monday. I anticipate it being clean since my last one was clean and I have still been doing treatment. It will be the others that I will worry about. However, I just have to think positive and go on with my life.

I now have a 4 week break before I begin radiation. I go for radiation prep on April 19th. Apparently it takes a week to plan for the actual radiation which involves a radiation oncologist, physicist, and the radiologist. According to the radiation oncologist I will be marked on from the top of my neck down through my chest with permanent marker. Then they will place tegaderm transparent dressing over it until radiation is complete. The problem with this is the dressing makes me nauseated. Before chemo I used this type of dressing to put the numbing cream on my port and I guess I have a phychological association with the smell. I am going to have to work on that. Any suggestions?

The last few days have been very warm. I went for a short walk each day that absolutely drained me. I couldn't do anything the rest of the day. If I keep it up maybe I will continue to get my energy back. I am also starting to get a little mentally drained as well. I guess is starting to catch up with me.