May 30, 2008


This adorable little girl has Leukemia. She is 22 months old. Her story begins here. Please, lift up Serenity to the Lord and pray that she will overcome this cancer and she will be a stronger little girl. It is hard to imagine your little girl going through something like this. She reminds me of Addison.

May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Adventures...

Started when we woke Addison up early. She wasn't too happy with us as you can tell by the video.

We headed to the Lake to meet some friends who had invited us to Lake Degray in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was a beautiful day.

Addison didn't really like her life jacket today. A tired girl makes for a not so happy little 16 month old if you know what I mean. She took a little can nap on the boat and she was better.

Phil enjoyed tubing but the water was cold. I stayed in the boat where it was warmer.

Addison had a better time walking and playing off the boat.

May 20, 2008

Baby to Toddler

I have been wondering when Addison would be officially a toddler. She has seemed like such a baby still but now she seems like a toddler. Here are some recent examples:

Example #1 She is finally walking on her own now!!

Example #2 There is a trail of destruction where she goes.

Example #3 The animals fear for their life whenever she is near. The dog runs from her and the cats hiss at her.

Example #4 When she doesn't get her way she goes limp and pitches a fit. How do they learn this?

Example #5 This week alone she has had a bloodly lip, bloodly nose, and several bumps on her head. You will see an example of a bump in the video.

Enjoy the video!

May 11, 2008


Addison had her first boat ride on the Ouachita River here in Camden. She did really well and she even seemed to enjoy it. I had hoped to see an alligator but we didn't see one. Maybe next time.

Little Snake

Phil found our first Arkansas snake in our backyard on Saturday. It was just a baby about 6 inches long. We were not sure if it was poisonous or not. I don't think it was but he was actually kind of cute.

May 06, 2008

Eating Independently

In an effort to avoid the above mess I purposefully prolonged teaching Addison to use a spoon. Now I must let her be more independent and self-sufficient so as I cringe when I look at these pictures I also smile because my little girl is growing up. As she grows up she will make messes along the way but she will learn from those mistakes as that is part of learning. She also likes yogurt as I am sure you can tell.

May 05, 2008

Join the Bone Marrow Registry for Free

May 5 to May 19, 2008
During the two weeks around Mother’s Day, be part of our Thanks Mom awareness and donor recruitment campaign. What better way to say “Thanks, Mom” for giving you life than to share that gift with another person! During the Thanks Mom campaign, costs to join the Registry are covered by generous partners and contributors for the first 46,000 people who join the Registry. (This includes the first 10,000 who join online.)

May 02, 2008

One Step at a Time

Addison is taking lots and lots of steps!