November 30, 2006

Baby Adyson

32 weeks Posted by Picasa
Today was our BIG 32 week ultrasound! The picture I posted shows her face and eyes. If you look at the bottom you can see her hand on her chin. We also got a short video of the ultrasound, which is amazing. We got a very close look at her nose and upper lip and I have to say it looks just like me. Also, she has hair! We could see her hair on the ultrasound.

On another note you can tell by the title that we are naming her Adyson. However, we can't decide on the spelling. It will be Adyson, Addyson, or Addison. Who knows what we will decide on. I am leaning on Adyson and Phil wants Addyson.

Also, something Phil and I have decided to do is cord banking. This is where they will take Addy's stem cells from her umbilical cord and store them in a lab in case she or I will ever need them. The High Risk OB we spoke to today as well as our OB recommended we do this with my history of Hodgkin's. If my Hodgkin's ever came back I would need a stem cell transplant in which they might be able to use those stem cells. Also, my risk of Leukemia is slightly higher due to chemotherapy for the Hodgkin's. Addy's stem cells could also be used to help her as well. This is really something Phil and I can't afford but we feel at the advice of our doctors this is something we have to do.

It is amazing that 2 years ago I faced the threat of death and now Phil and I are facing a new life. We are so excited words cannot even express it. God is our Hope for the Future.

November 26, 2006

It's been a while!

Sorry it has been a while so I thought I would just post the most recent pictures. I am now currently 32 weeks and things are going well. We had our first shower for couples at The Point Community Church. It was a lot of fun! I finally got the Baby's room cleaned out and painted. Our furniture will be delivered this Friday and I will post pictures then. We also have another ultrasound this Thursday so of course I will be posting pictures then.

In this game the men had to taste test baby food and guess what it was. Phil lost. Posted by Picasa

This was a shower for men and of course they had to make the men drink prune juice from a bottle. Phil lost. Posted by Picasa

Point Community Church Shower Posted by Picasa

Point Community Church Shower Posted by Picasa

32 weeks Posted by Picasa