March 31, 2008

Swimsuit OCD?

I have a little problem with overbuying swimsuits for Addison. When I am shopping I just can't resist them. I just think they are sooo cute. It might be borderline OCD but lets hope not. If you are worried about throwing money away on all of of these swimsuits don't be because 2 were bought with gift cards and 1 was a gift from her grandmother so I haven't really spent spent any money on swimsuits. So when we go on vacation I won't have to wash any swimsuits.

The hard part was taking these pictures. As you can see I had to distract her by giving her lots of objects to hold and play with. But in the end I got the pictures and all Addison wanted to do was explore in her changing table.

Intense Game

It was a very intense game as you can tell by Phil's reactions. North Carolina just proved to be the better team. There is always next year!

March 29, 2008

Go Cards!

My husband is a die hard Louisville Cardinal fan. They made it to the Elite Eight. Let's hope it is to the Final Four. They are currently within 1 point of North Carolina.
Update-Well Louisville lost but it was a good game and good season.


Learning Language

Addison has just turned 14 months old and her language development is really starting to take off. In fact she is currently snacking on graham crackers as she babbles continuously as she eats. In the car she can just go on and on. It is so cute and amazing how language is learned.

Currently, Addison's resume of verbal words are mama, daddy, bye-bye, bye, uh-oh, hi, peepye as she covers her face with her hands, and thank you. Her non-verbal language skills are waving, blowing kisses, hugs and kisses, shaking her head no or waving her hand no, and reaching out with her hand opened when she wants something.

As you may know with Addison's mild hearing loss her speech could be affected so we are paying particularly close attention to her language development. We met with Addison's new audiologists in Little Rock yesterday. They are going to have her evaluated by a speech pathologist at her next appointment just so we can stay on top of it.

So far I think she is on track and continues to talk all of the time.

March 15, 2008

The Hunt

It was a beautiful day for an Easter Egg hunt. I thought I would just post pics of the day.

I am ready for the hunt!!
Waiting for dad to tell the Easter story...
I found one! Now what?

Sharing at it's best! Thanks Jordan!

Thanks for the lift Dad! It sure is comfortable up here.

March 13, 2008

The big purple dinosaur...

I was doing my daily reading at babycheapskate and came across some short ideas to keep toddlers busy for a minute or two. So I decided to let Addison see some of the sites. We watched a few video clips and she was really uninterested in the whole thing until I came to dear, old lovable Barney. I have never been a huge fan of Barney he is purple,big and sort of cheesy if you ask me. Addison has never even watched the program with me but I think grandma may have shown her a couple of episodes at one time or another. Anyway, we watched the Barney video clips and the only one she LOVED was the I love you, you love me, we're a happy family... She watched it over and over again. So she is now hooked on the song and it really does just melt your heart when she leans over to give you a kiss during with a great big hug and a kiss to me and you. Maybe Barney isn't that bad after all. My daughter thinks he is a pretty neat guy.

March 08, 2008

Playin' in the Snow

We ended up getting about 3 inches. The funny thing is it is melting so fast and tomorrow it is supposed to be 61 degrees and Wednesday it is going to be 72 degrees. Wow! Addison liked the snow for a bit. She was so cute in her little pink snowsuit.

March 07, 2008

Addison Hangin' out with Her New Friends

Addison has really enjoyed playing with all of her new freinds. The first picture Addison is huging the little boy. She has become quite the little hugger although this boy is way too young for her by about 6 months. :o) Notice the expression on his face. I don't think he is into girls just yet.

Arkansas Snow

The native Arkansasans tell us it snows about every 13 years. This must be one of those years. It is supposed to be back in 60's again next week. I thought weather in Kentucky was crazy... We currently have 3 inches and it is still snowing. I have no idea how much snow we will end up with. All three weather stations had anywhere between a trace of snow and 5 inches.