October 28, 2008

Furniture Rehab

Thanks to Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land I was inspired to turn old furniture into beautiful pieces I can use in my home. Since we are on a very tight budget there is no extra to buy brand new furniture. So I set out to find something I could rehab following Kimba's instructions using spray paint. I have tried refinishing a table once and I decided it was not my cup of tea. Pianting maybe I could handle.

There is a very small flee market here in town that is open sometimes. I stopped in there and found a few pieces. When the owner found out I wanted to paint something he didn't seem to like that idea of painting over wood. So he told me of an estate sale he would be having in several weeks and there was some old furniture already painted that I might be interested in. The next thing I know I ended up with this for $50.00.
I am usually the kind of person who does not impulse shop so after I bought this I was a little concerned whether this was a purchase I should have bought. I wasn't even sure if it was worth it and maybe I should have offered less for it. It had cob webs hanging off of it and it was just old. So I went to work on it with help from my mom.
We sanded the dresser to smooth out all of the rough area of the wood.

Next, we primed it with a can of spray paint primer.

Finally, we began spraying the satin black on the dresser.

Here we have the finished product complete with new hardware that cost $6.00. I am very pleased with the dresser. It is not perfect but it works for us. I originally intended for it to be for our guest room but I decided to add it to our family room.

Add some Fall decorations and it is complete.

I also have a gold rimmed mirror I bought at Big Lots for $10. I am going to spray paint it black and hang it over the dresser. Pictures to come as soon as I get it done.

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