July 24, 2008

Hot and Humid in the South

It has been really hot and humid in the south. We have already reached a 100 several days with a heat index of 104. Needless to say we run errands in the morning when we have to and stay in during the afternoons. We don't spend too much outside but here are some rare pictures of Addison playing in the yard.

July 11, 2008

Cute Friday Pic

"Please, get this water out of my face"

July 09, 2008

Frugal Living

With gas at 4 dollars a gallon I have decided to look at where I can make easy cuts to our budget. So today I needed to get a few household items that we were almost out. I usually go to Walmart but on way there I stopped at The Dollar General Store.

I took in my list and wrote down all of the prices as well as the amount of the product. Having done this before I knew to be leery of the amounts because sometimes that is where the company can get you. After I was done I then went to Walmart which is where I ended up buying all of my household needs.

Here is the cost analysis:

The Dollar Store
1. Pantene Shampoo 12.6oz $4.00
2. Pantene Conditioner 12.6oz $4.00
3. DG Brand Mountwash 1.5 liters $1.75
4. Angel Soft TP 24 Reg. Rolls $6.00
5. 200 Napkins $1.00
6. Shout 30oz $2.50

Total= $19.25

1. Walmart Brand Pantene Shampoo 25.4oz $3.12
2. Walmart Brand Conditioner 25.4oz
3. Walmart Mouthwash 1.5 liters $2.78
4. Angel Soft 12 Double Rolls
5. 250 Napkins $1.75
6. Shout 30oz $2.00

Total= $15.71

  • It was cheaper at Walmart and I got more product
  • At DG they did not have a generic version of shampoo/conditioner
  • Walmart did have a generic version and I got double the product
  • DG mouthwash was a whole 1.00 cheaper but by the time I was finishing up Walmart Addison was on the verge of a meltdown so I opted for mouthwash at Walmart.
  • Napkins were cheaper at DG.
  • If I had bought the 2 cheaper items at DG I could have shaved off $1.78 to make my total spent $13.93.
  • By shopping at both places I would have saved $5.71 which buys at least 1 gallon of gas but it may not always be worth it depending on time and child meltdowns.
  • Since DG is right on my way to Walmart I feel it didn't waist any gas when I need just certain items it may be worth it to go to DG.

Where are you making cuts in your budget? Please, don't be shy about commenting I would love hear your ideas!

July 05, 2008

33 years...

It's hard to believe that today I turned 33.

Family Fun on the 4th

July 03, 2008

So how do you make that noise?

Addison imitating her Grandma after she blew on a blade a grass and made a very loud noise.

As if pictures were not enough here is also a short clip of video but I want to warn you that she does fall at the end with tears shed. It seems like all of my videos end like this...

July 01, 2008

Summer Fun in Pictures

While visiting Kentucky Addison discovered the play area at the mall.

She also may have discovered her future husband. What do you think Tabitha?

Chasing after beach balls and playing in the slip and slide.

She swam with her daddy.

She now has her first car thanks to Grandma.
She loves playing in her little pool.

She discovered Grandpa's mustache.
Occasionally, she takes a 1minute break but not too often.
She enjoyed seeing her cousin Michelle.