October 23, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Kitty!

Two weeks ago Puss N Boots did not get any better and we said goodbye to her. She was a good, sweet cat. She never bit nor scratched unless she wanted some attention. Then she would come up to you and ever so gently prick you with a very distinct Meow! She always greeted me when I woke up in the morning. She would always try to eat Emmy's dog food and Emmy would always growl at her but never bit her. She would then cuddle with Emmy. She loved to be brushed. Addison adored her and would often bend down and give her a kiss. When she was a kitten she belonged to our neighbor. She would come over to our house and get stuck in the barn. We always rescued her and then brought her in our house for a treat. She would chase my dog around the table. The neighbor eventually gave her to us. She was my first cat. She will be missed!

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