June 27, 2008

Back Home

Well, Addison and I made it back home to Arkansas. We had a wonderful visit but boy were we busy. We were busy everyday. Addison is happy to be back to her normal routine which makes mommy happy too. I got my scan results back on Tuesday. Going into the scan Addison and I both had a cold/sinus infection which I knew would cause something to show up on the PET/CT scan. A lymph node lit up during the pet scan in my upper left neck area with an SUV level of 3.7. The lymph node was slightly enlarged from the previous scans but not considered enlarged by CT standards. My oncologist believes this is consistent with me being sick but because the SUV level was higher than she would have liked she will rescan in August. I had hoped I would not have to scan for another year but oh well.

In the meantime my oncologist is doing some research to help find me an oncologist here in Arkansas. It is too hard to go back and forth if I have things like this come up. Last, August there was an area in my tonsil that showed up on the PET scan which was biopsied and proven to not be cancer. It is still showing up on the scan now but no one seems to know what it is. Anyhow, I am going to have false positives and it would make it easier to have an oncologist close to where I live.

June 16, 2008

Headin' to the Bluegrass

I am flying back to Kentucky Wednesday and will be visiting for the week. My main reason there is to get what will hopefully be the last of my 6 month PET/CT scan on Thursday. If this one is clean then I will move to yearly scans until after the 10 year mark. I get the results on Tuesday. I also have some other doctor appointments to go to since I have not secured doctors in Arkansas yet. So relaxation mixed with scanxiety.

June 10, 2008

How do you clean house?

I hate a dirty house but what I hate more than a dirty house is cleaning the house. If I could afford it I would hire someone to clean our house but that isn't an option. So I must clean...

I am curious to find out how other people get their homes cleaned. Do you clean all in one day or do you clean a little each day? What is your cleaning routine? Need some help in this area because I am constantly thinking about it and it is an overwhelming task. I could clean all the time but I can't. Love to hear from you.

June 07, 2008

Diaper Rompin' Fun

Why does eating have to be this messy?

Addi loves spaghetti and while she was eating spaghetti she discovered she has hair which is great but why did she have to discover while she had spaghetti all over her hands. Using a spoon is still a work in progress as you can tell by the videos. Plus, the last video she says the word more.

June 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today Phil and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. It seems like it was just yesterday we got married. It was a special day! We had no idea what life would bring us but it brought us ups and down but God used these trials to strengthen us together. I am so thankful that God brought Phil into my life. He is a wonderful husband who above and beyond.
This is the picture from our 5th anniversary. It is one of my favorite pictures as we had just been through a life threatening illness and God brought us out on the other side and now after 8 years we share a beautiful daughter together.
I love you Phil!