October 07, 2008

Beloved Cat

Puss N' Boots was my first cat. She actually belonged to a neighbor when I still lived at home in 1994. She kept coming over to our house and we would let her in to play with our dog Peppie. Eventually the neighbor said we could keep her. Once I married and moved away she stayed with my parents. Then in 2001 my mom moved and couldn't take her with her so Phil and I took her in and she has been with us ever since.

She has always been a very good cat. She is timid of strangers but after time warms up. Addison adores Puss N' Boots. When Addison was little and only sitting up Puss N' Boots would come and lay beside her not minding having her hair pulled by Addison. Every morning when Addison wakes up Puss N' Boots come in the room to greet her. Addison always says, "Hi Ki Ki"

Now at age 14 Puss N' Boots is sick. Her lungs are filled with fluid most likely due to congestive heart failure. We are trying medicine currently but as of yesterday there has been no change. If she continues to struggle for air we will have to put her down.

Pets are such a joy to have and become such a part of the family. I hate to lose her but I also know she can't go on like this. I wonder if Addison will miss her or will she just forget she had a cat.

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