January 24, 2005

Wig Hunt

Well, today was the day I decided it was time to look for a wig. Yesterday, my hair was falling out all over the house. Two ladies from church who are currently going through chemo for cancer went with me. I was a little nervous but they helped me feel at ease.

I was looking for a wig that matched my hair color and was close to my hairstyle. I am not very daring. The first wig they plopped on my head made me look like a witch. I did end up finding a wig that I thought looked natural on me except it was blond. I do not look good as a blond. So she is going to order it in my color and I will go try it and see if I like it.

I also went to the oncologist for blood work and it appears my red blood count dropped just a bit. As a precaution I got an Aranesp shot. I will be getting it every other week to boost my red blood cells.

Sunday was not a great day for me. The Nulasta shot to boost my white blood cells causes bone pain. I had the pain yesterday all day. It has gotten better today and hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better.


Pamela said...

Hi Stephanie-

Just a HD list'er sending you some good wishes, and hopes that you feel better quickly.

Pamela in Oregon

Sarah said...

Hi there, Stephanie! I'm sorry you're suffering so with the bone pain. I've read that antihistamines can help a lot -- in fact, my oncologist told me that the Allegra I take for allergies will help me with the pain if and when I end up on the Neulasta (or Neupogen.) I had my second tx today, and my WBC count was 8.9, with a minimum of 10. They treated me anyway though, and will check my counts next time to see if I'll start the shots.

I'm completely with you on the "getting hit by a semi" think....that's EXACTLY what the fatigue is like for me too.

I'm glad you found a wig that will work -- my wig appointment is this Monday. Do you think you'll post a pic of it when you get it in the right color?

I send you hugs and the very best of wishes. We'll get through this!