January 03, 2005

Cycle 1 Complete

Well, today I completed round 2 of Cycle 1 of ABVD treatments. It went pretty well. I have discovered I love numbing cream. What a great invention! I rub it on my port and I don't even feel the needle go in. It is just a great thing!!!!

Phil and I were at the doctor's office for about 5 hours. My regular oncologist is out of town so I so the other oncologist. He says I seem to be responding well to chemo with no bad side effects. I have no mouth sores and he said if I didn't have them by now I most likely wouldn't get them. I am still worried about my hair falling out. It is amazing how much emphasis we place on hair. I think because my hair is so thick thinning will do me some good. I always wanted thinner hair or it might all fall out. Oh well! It will grow back.

I feel good this evening. If my sysmptoms are like last time I felt bad on Wed. and Thurs. after chemo. I think I can handle two days. Last time I lost 3 pounds but because I felt so good last week I gained back 5. Oh well!

Bobbi Jo- Thank you for posting. Could you send me you e-mail address. Mine is champion833@msn.com. Thanks!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping us up to date in such a wondeful way. Everyday I am reminded of those praying for you and know that God is honoring those prayers.

Yeah! One cycle down, only five more to go. Yeah!

Keep the pictures coming. I can't decide who is the cutest, Phil or Emmy. Oh, okay, it's Phil, and you are beautiful.....your sweet Christian spirit that is a witness to all who know you.

I thank God for you and Phil and know that I love you very much.

In Christ/Ann

Melissa said...

Hi Stephanie! I don't know if you remember me or not..I was in Tabitha's wedding with you. She had told me about what you've been going through, so I just wanted to stop by and offer you my prayers and support. I have actually got a lot out of reading your posts here. You have such a sweet spirit and a wonderful outlook and attitude, and that in and of itself will take you so far.

I truly wish you and Phil all the best! Sounds like you have quite a wonderful hubby there! Send my best to him as well.

Take care!