January 19, 2005

3rd Treatment

On Monday, I had my 3rd treatment of ABVD chemo. For those of you who are wondering two treatments equal 1 cycle. So I have completed 1 cycle and part of cycle 2. My doctor believes I will need to do 4 cycles and then 3-4weeks of radiation.

This morning I woke up exhausted from chemo. I could barely open my eyes. On Tuesday I had my Nualasta shot to keep my blood counts up which also causes bone pain. My nurse told me to take oxycodone as soon as I felt any pain. So this morning I took it and slept all day. I did wake up long enough to eat a small lunch. I was also nauseated today and my Zofran did not seem to be working so I took the ativan. This helped but also knocked me out.

Right now I am so tired. Another Hodgkin patient said it feels like getting hit by a semi which is what I feel like now. I think I will retire in to bed. God Bless!


socalheather said...

I'm glad to hear that you're almost half way. I'm having a bad time with my nuelasta shot as well. IT almost seems like that is worse than the chemo. I hope you get lots of rest and are feeling better soon. Take care of your self.
With love,

Maureen McHugh said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm one treatment ahead of you (I had chemo #4 last week.) I haven't had Nulasta shots yet, and my doctor is hoping I won't have to. My sympathies to you, though.

We have two dogs, one of which is a mini Dachshund. I saw your picture (you, Phil and Emily) and Emily has a face very like Shelly. Shelly loves all the naps I take.

I was exhausted for a couple of days after the last chemo--four and five hour naps--but my energy came back in about four days. Hang in there.