January 07, 2005

Second Opinion

I love my doctor. Dr. Arekapudi has been very thorough through our whole process from diagnosis to treatment. In the beginning we had decided to go to Markey Cancer Center because that is where the best of the best is. There are very good doctors there. My mom's doctor is there and she loves him.

Well, the doctor I saw...Well lets say he is ready for retirement? Now I know there are wonderful doctors at Markey and for some reason I got set up with a colon cancer doctor. I don't know why but I did. His plan was to just give me radiation. Everything that I had read said ABVD chemo and radiation so I was a little confused.

After seeing Dr. Arekapudi again she realized we were not comfortable with having two doctors with two different treatment plans. So she arranged for us to have a 2nd opinion or shall we say 3rd opinion at Brown Cancer Center in Louisville. Today was that appointment.

We met with Dr. Methia at Brown. He was a very personable doctor which is always a plus. He went over my paper work and looked at CT scans. He agreed with Dr. Arekapudi that I would most likely need 4 cycles of chemo. His exact words were he would be surprised if I was not in remission after 4 cycles. He also said I would definitely need 3-4 weeks of radiation. Overall, my prognosis is very good.

So now we have officially two doctors who agree on the same treatment plan. I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression about Markey because I know there are wonderful doctors there. I was just set up with he wrong one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Stephanie, for keeping us all posted of your progress. We praise God for continued answered prayers.

I can't tell you what wonderful news that was when I talked to Phil last evening. Of course we have great confidence in Brown Cancer Center, because of the location we are more familiar with it. It looks like we are on the right track as you continue to respond to treatment. This bend in the road is getting straighter and I can see ahead a cure as you continue your therapy. God continues to work in a wonderful way and we are learning that Phil is indeed right when he says, "God is Good all the time....and all the time God is always Good.

Love to you both/Ann

Sarah said...

Stephanie, I'm glad you opted to go with that tiebreaker opinion, and that your level of comfort with your treatment and care is improved. Very smart of you!

I'm glad also that your side effects aren't too bad, and sure do hope that continues! I get my port put in on Tuesday, and my first treatment will be on Thursday. I'll think of you and all the others who have travelled, or are currently navigating, the same path.

To ALL of us, "Good health!"

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I just read your site today for the first time and it really emphasized to me what a young woman of faith and courage you are. From the time you were in our SS class we saw special things for you (but not this!) Your love for the Lord and for Phil will help you through the hardest spots. We love you! J/J