September 16, 2008

Kroger, Sales, and Coupons

My coupon organizer has been coming in handy with lots of savings. I have decided that I will grocery shop every Monday and post my weekly savings on Tuesday.

I went to Kroger armed with my coupons, list, and sales ad. I already have my coupons matched up to the sales items thanks to The Grocery Game. I only get the items I will be using.

My grand total was $111.42. I saved $22.55 with my Kroger Plus Card buying the items that were on sale. I also saved $22.33 with my coupons for a grand total of $66.59 which is right in line with my weekly grocery budget. Yippee!!! I saved a total of $44.88. WOW!!

Shopping Trip Highlights:
1. Graham crackers are made with whole grain.
2. The whole baggie full of graham crackers kept Addi happy until the very end.
3. It only took 1 hour due to the prep time I spent getting organized for the trip.

Would you like free toilet paper? I got 2 4 roll packages of Cottonelle toilet free. If you go to Cottonelle you can print off a coupon (1 per person per month). I printed off 1 for me and 1 for Phil. My Kroger sales Cottonelle 4 roll toilet paper for .99 and the coupon .50 which Kroger always doubles.

Enjoy free TP!

1 comment:

Sig said...

Hi! I have Hodgkins and just found out I am cancer free :)
I also joined the grocery game 2 weeks ago but can't seem to make it work for me (chemo brain, I guess LOL)
Thanks for the links, I will see if I can save money, I need to with 7 kids!!!