June 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today Phil and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. It seems like it was just yesterday we got married. It was a special day! We had no idea what life would bring us but it brought us ups and down but God used these trials to strengthen us together. I am so thankful that God brought Phil into my life. He is a wonderful husband who above and beyond.
This is the picture from our 5th anniversary. It is one of my favorite pictures as we had just been through a life threatening illness and God brought us out on the other side and now after 8 years we share a beautiful daughter together.
I love you Phil!

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Kris said...

Hey Stephanie! You know how computer-illiterate I am, so I am hoping that I clicked the correct link and that this will reach you. I have spent the last hour looking at your site and enjoying pictures/videos of Addison! What a treasure!

We just learned this week that my dad has stage 3 lymphoma and I have been trying to learn as much about it as possible. I have taken a lot of comfort from all your blog entries this morning!