April 29, 2008

Sleepy Little Addison

Addison has never been the type of baby that falls asleep anywhere. Even when she was little I couldn't take her in the church service with me because she never slept. She was always wide eyed and wanted to chat or fuss. I think she only fell asleep some in church nursery with the help of Mindy or Kelly but she learned very quickly that she liked to be where the people and action were. She has always napped pretty well though just not why she is busy but only when I lay her down in her crib until today.

She didn't seem to sleep very well last night she fussed a little on and off last night. She normally wakes up at 8:00 but the last few weeks she has been waking up a little early about 7:30am. I usually still leave her in her crib though until 8:00am wise advice Dr. Chase. But today though she woke up at 6:30am. That is pretty early for Addi. She is cutting more teeth and she has had a little fluid on her ears which I keep contributing to her restless nights and early awakenings. Anyhow I think the sleepy time hit her at lunch. She fell asleep while eating. This is a first for Addison.

We finally stopped eating and I took her in for her nap. She was asleep before I put her in her crib. She never does that either. She is always awake when I lay her down.

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