March 29, 2008

Learning Language

Addison has just turned 14 months old and her language development is really starting to take off. In fact she is currently snacking on graham crackers as she babbles continuously as she eats. In the car she can just go on and on. It is so cute and amazing how language is learned.

Currently, Addison's resume of verbal words are mama, daddy, bye-bye, bye, uh-oh, hi, peepye as she covers her face with her hands, and thank you. Her non-verbal language skills are waving, blowing kisses, hugs and kisses, shaking her head no or waving her hand no, and reaching out with her hand opened when she wants something.

As you may know with Addison's mild hearing loss her speech could be affected so we are paying particularly close attention to her language development. We met with Addison's new audiologists in Little Rock yesterday. They are going to have her evaluated by a speech pathologist at her next appointment just so we can stay on top of it.

So far I think she is on track and continues to talk all of the time.

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