February 20, 2005

Rough Week

It has been a while since my last post. I had treatment # 5, February 14th. Before I went I definitely had anticipatory nausea. When I got there I was very nauseated. I got sick during treatment which was a first. Normally, I am fine on treatment days. They gave me extra Ativan and Zofran before I left to go home but it still didn't work. I got sick two more times at home. I was sick through Thursday. I felt better by Friday.

Friday is when the bone pain from the Neulasta shot started. Today is the worst for the bone pain. I have taken two Oxycodone and I still have pain. So I guess I will need to live with it. It usually goes away by Tuesday.

It has taken me a while to bounce back after this last treatment. This is because I have more of the chemo in my system which keeps building. I just have three treatments left. I thought it would be easier to continue the rest of my treatments knowing I had a clean PET/CT but I think it is harder.

On the hair issue. I still have a lot of hair left. It has helped having thick hair thanks to my mom and dad who both have very thick hair. My hair is getting very thin on top. My scalp is very visible and it has begun to bother me. I think I might just buy some hats for the rest of my treatments. Before Hodgkin's I always wanted thin hair. Not anymore. I want my thick hair back and I will never wish for thin hair again.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for blood work to check my counts.

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