February 21, 2005

My Best Friend

On June 3, 2000 God brought Phil and I together as husband and wife. It was a very special day for both of us and a day that is still forever in my thoughts. I am a very emotional person as Phil so I thought I would cry. I guess I was so happy that instead of crying I was all smiles.

Since having HD I often glance at our wedding picture on the wall. We look so happy. Who could have ever imagined going through cancer at 29. Don't get me wrong we are still happy and very much in love. This is just a bend in the road we will get through.

Phil has been wonderful through this whole process. He is determined to go to all treatments no matter what. To be honest I don't think I could do the treatments without him there. He has gone to all tests and labs even when he did not need to go. He is truly my best friend!

Thank you honey for being there!

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