May 19, 2010

Both my Girls at 8 months old

  • This month you started crawling everywhere!!
  • Now that you are crawling you crawl over to your big sister and play with her and her toys.
  • You are starting babble more sounds now.
  • You are such a happy baby and smile all of the time.
  • You take an hour nap in the morning and about a 2-3 hour nap in afternoon.
  • You have really enjoyed swimming this summer and kicking your feet in the water.
  • You are wearing 12 months and some 6-9 months and a size 3 diaper.
  • You still nurse 5 times a day and are starting to try finger foods suck as bananas, pears, cornbread, peas, green beans, corn.
  • You are starting to drink out of a sippy cup.


prithi said...

Very adorable! God bless them both.

iraq4ll said...

God bless them both

ballet said...

Desireriana said...

Stephanie, God bless your life become a mother....i interested to your blog.
Hi, I am desi from Indonesia and i have a daugther,She is going to 9 months and her name is Vla.
God was create the wrold being complete with all the mothers in the world right.... and it was happy become a mother. Thank you

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woo they are looking very nice