July 09, 2008

Frugal Living

With gas at 4 dollars a gallon I have decided to look at where I can make easy cuts to our budget. So today I needed to get a few household items that we were almost out. I usually go to Walmart but on way there I stopped at The Dollar General Store.

I took in my list and wrote down all of the prices as well as the amount of the product. Having done this before I knew to be leery of the amounts because sometimes that is where the company can get you. After I was done I then went to Walmart which is where I ended up buying all of my household needs.

Here is the cost analysis:

The Dollar Store
1. Pantene Shampoo 12.6oz $4.00
2. Pantene Conditioner 12.6oz $4.00
3. DG Brand Mountwash 1.5 liters $1.75
4. Angel Soft TP 24 Reg. Rolls $6.00
5. 200 Napkins $1.00
6. Shout 30oz $2.50

Total= $19.25

1. Walmart Brand Pantene Shampoo 25.4oz $3.12
2. Walmart Brand Conditioner 25.4oz
3. Walmart Mouthwash 1.5 liters $2.78
4. Angel Soft 12 Double Rolls
5. 250 Napkins $1.75
6. Shout 30oz $2.00

Total= $15.71

  • It was cheaper at Walmart and I got more product
  • At DG they did not have a generic version of shampoo/conditioner
  • Walmart did have a generic version and I got double the product
  • DG mouthwash was a whole 1.00 cheaper but by the time I was finishing up Walmart Addison was on the verge of a meltdown so I opted for mouthwash at Walmart.
  • Napkins were cheaper at DG.
  • If I had bought the 2 cheaper items at DG I could have shaved off $1.78 to make my total spent $13.93.
  • By shopping at both places I would have saved $5.71 which buys at least 1 gallon of gas but it may not always be worth it depending on time and child meltdowns.
  • Since DG is right on my way to Walmart I feel it didn't waist any gas when I need just certain items it may be worth it to go to DG.

Where are you making cuts in your budget? Please, don't be shy about commenting I would love hear your ideas!

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