March 02, 2007

5 weeks

Addison is now 5 weeks old and she is changing everyday. She finally had her first bath. We had to wait until her umbilical cord fell off and then I was a little nervous so I waited a little longer. We finally got our nerve up and did it. She really enjoyed the warm water. She was so cute in her hooded towel.

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socalheather said...

STEPHANIE!!! It seems as though we have both been enormously blessed after our ordeals with cancer. I haven't checked in with anyone from that time in so long. I found myself wondering about you all and I just totally started crying when I saw your beautiful daughter. I am so happy for you. My daughter has saved my life every day she has been on this earth. I realize now how my purpose was to bring her here. I wish you and your family a wonderful summer and happy healthy love and laughter. Take care and get sleep whenever you can!
With Love,