October 07, 2006

Pastor Appreciation Day

Sunday is Pastor Appreciation Day and even though Phil is not in the role of an official pastor I would like to honor him. He has dedicated his life to working with students for over 18 years whether through missions, camp, or a local church. He has dedicated many hours to students not for himself but for the Lord. God called him to this position. At this moment Phil is full-time at Seminary and plans to graduate in May with his Master’s of Christian Education with an emphasis in student ministry. Phil’s service is not over yet and he plans as long as God calls him to work with students after seminary.

Phil- Thank you for your dedication to students. You have been a blessing in my life as I have watched you minister to students. I know you are going to be a wonderful father and I love you.


Anonymous said...

Little Bro, I too am very proud of you. God has had his hands on our family, hasn't he? Your experiences and journey as a child and teen has ministered to others searching for truth and love through Jesus Christ. Carry on.
Love Sis:)

Rick Long said...

Though not official YET, Phil is a Pastor. I agree, Phil too deserves to be honored and appreciated. There are numerous families, children and students who have been impacted by Phil's (and your) ministry. I am one person that Phil Pastors and God has used him in mighty ways in my life.