July 20, 2006

14 weeks

Today marks 14 weeks pregnant. I am beginning to get less and less nervous. I am finally showing. I may get brave and a take a picture and post it. It has been really neat.

The last several weeks I have been on a shopping spree buying maternity clothes. I start back to school in a week so I needed some summer clothes. I have found some really good deals. I never knew maternity clothes were so cute! I have already started wearing the clothes because they are so comfortable.

I am starting to feel the pressure to get organized and get everything ready for this little baby. Phil and I are both very excited and can't wait until January. Right now our due date is January 20th.

We have started discussing names. We are already having a hard time agreeing with a name. Do you have any suggestions? Post a name or e-mail a name. We need all the ideas we can get.

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