August 13, 2005

So now what ...

I have had a busy, yet wonderful summer. It felt like Phil and I traveled all summer.

I visited the oncologist once this summer with a clean report. I will have my next PET/CT scan September 22nd with a report from the doctor on September 27th. I will be repeating scans every 6 months.

I have begun doing aerobics about 3-4 times a week, which has tremendously, boosted my energy level. I feel like I am almost back to normal in the energy department.

I will be going back to work this week. I have been working in my classroom the last few days. Our school has been under construction and I have just now been able to get into my classroom. The students start this week.

I am not sure how regularly I will update but I will update after my PET/CT.

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